Texas is home to extreme temperatures, so it’s only natural to wonder how they affect your Botox® and filler.


As the numbers on the thermometer begin to rise, and the days become longer and sweatier, you may wonder about its possible effects on cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, there are no signs of wear or tear. Instead, summer months are quite popular amongst men and women who want to reduce the number of wrinkles around their eyes caused by squinting throughout the season. To be proactive, apply UV protection to the face and skin to avoid future wrinkles and sun overexposure.


You’d think that the cold, brisk air during the winter season can cause issues with Botox® and fillers, but that just isn’t true. In fact, the holiday season is among the most popular times of the year for cosmetic treatments because it leads to an added boost of confidence during family gatherings and photos. However, we do recommend scheduling enough time before an event to allow the bruising to heal and for the treatments to be at its peak.

So when is it best to get Botox® and filler? Truth is, it’s always a good time. Botox and fillers are readily available and can make you feel more confident and sexy year-round.

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Dr. Connie Hiers COVID-19 Update

On behalf of the Dr. Connie Hiers team, we want to thank you for your continued support and confidence. Our offices continue to remain open and maintain their normal hours and operations. 

As always, the safety of our patients is our number one priority, so we promise to always maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. 

To further offer you peace of mind, we have increased the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning and disinfection of our entire office.

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