Benefits of Rose Petal Facials

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Let’s face it, we all love receiving roses. Not only do they look beautiful and smell great, but they instantly brighten up anyone’s day. Did you know that other than being a fabulous gift, roses have extraordinary benefits for your skin? That’s right, rose petals have many hidden properties that help enhance your skin to the best it’s ever been. Some of these include:



Rose petals are filled with vitamin c, which means that applying them to your skin can help boost your hydration and get your skin looking moisturized and glowy. Although there are many different ways in which they can assist with hydration, most commonly it is through rose oil, rose water or rose petal face masks. 


Regulating Oily Skin

By helping maintain your skin’s pH balance, rose petals keep all excess oil from showing on your skin. It can be frustrating to deal with oily skin, especially during hotter seasons, so incorporating rose petals into your beauty regime is a must.


Natural antioxidants 

Filled with lots of natural antioxidants, rose petal properties are great to treat acne, or simply assist those with acne-prone skin. Being a natural anti-bacterial with lots of cleansing attributes, many times you’ll find that your great cleansers, face masks and even moisturizers include rose petals in their ingredients. 



Not only do roses smell great, but they help you detoxify and relax. Rose petals’ calming properties are a great tool to help reduce skin’s redness, swollen spots, and itchiness. When looking to let your skin breathe, a rose petal face mask is the way to go. 



Finally, incorporating rose petals into your skincare routine is a great way to restore your skin to the best it’s been! Rose petals help tighten pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and small cuts. After all, they are a great natural ingredient to keep in hand! 

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