Luxurious Gold Mask Facial

ONLY $120 • $165 Value

With the cooler temperatures, comes a lot of unwanted changes and things happening to your skin. We’ve brought our fan favorite Luxurious Gold Mask Facial back to help combat these changes and leave you with glowy and refreshed skin. 

The Luxurious Gold Mask Facial comes with 24K & Colloidal gold which has been proven to lift and firm-up the skin, while also toning and tightening it.

24K & Colloidal gold have several skin care benefits like:

Anti-inflammatory effects

Skin inflammation and irritation is common in people with rosacea or acne-prone skin, and gold has been found to be an effective means to combat those side effects.

Antioxidant properties

If your skin isn’t producing enough collagen, you may start to notice faster aging of the skin. The antioxidant properties of gold contain strong healing capabilities that effectively combat any skin damage.

This Med Spa Special was created with all skin types in mind. Take advantage of this winter special now so that you can start off the new year in confidence with toned, lifted, and tightened skin!