WiQo (PRX-T33) Facial

4 Sessions
Only $1,000
New from Italy!

The WiQo (PRX-T33) Facial treatments bypass the top layer of your skin to help stimulate the deeper dermis layers and activate tissue that creates new collagen and elastin. The WiQo (PRX-T33) Facial will give your skin structure and elasticity, with no downtime and none of the risks commonly associated with some of the harsher peels on the market.

The WiQo (PRX-T33) Facial can be combined with many different treatments to leave with glowing skin just in time for summer.



  •     Painless, no needles
  •     Effective, natural result
  •     No downtime
  •     Each procedure takes only 20 minutes
  •     Provides immediate palpable firming
  •     Absolutely Safe for ALL SKIN TYPES

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