What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a very safe and effective way to remove localized areas of unwanted fat from under the chin, upper arms, chest, abdomen, back, thighs, and knees. It can be done in the office under local anesthesia with oral sedation, known as awake liposuction, or in a surgery center with IV sedation or general anesthesia. This procedure does not remove excess skin nor tighten muscles, but just concentrates on removing excess fat. A thin layer of fat under the skin is kept to prevent skin damage.

Tumescent liposuction involves inserting fluid with Lidocaine for numbing the area and epinephrine to minimize bleeding before the actual procedure begins. This process makes the surgery safer with much less bleeding and is also less painful since the numbing may last several hours.

Along with tumescence, skin tightening treatment can be done with a laser or radiofrequency like ThermiTight. These procedures are done just before or just after liposuction, depending upon the surgeon’s preference. Ultrasound can also be used with liposuction to help remove the fat more easily with less bleeding. Still, other types of liposuction include “tickle” liposuction in which a vibrating cannula is used to remove excess fat. Because of the vibration, this procedure may tickle when close to the ribs or hips.

You Might Be a Good Liposuction Candidate If:

Dr. Hiers has had over 30 years of experience with this procedure. She will examine you, determine whether or not you would be a good liposuction candidate, and develop a personalized plan to help remove the excess fat from the areas that concern you to help give you the body you want.

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