What to Expect: Chin Tuck Procedure

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As the body ages, you may notice your skin doesn’t have the flexibility it once had. You might notice sagging and wrinkles under your chin, changing your facial profile. There is a solution to an undefined chin through tucks or neck lifts. A chin tuck can help to change your appearance and is recommended for both woman and men.

What Is A Chin Tuck?

A chin tuck is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. The purpose of this procedure is to tighten the skin underneath the chin. To achieve this goal, doctors perform the follow steps:

  • Offering local anesthesia to the patient
  • Creating incisions at each ear
  • Adding an under-chin incision where necessary
  • Altering the skin and closing the incisions

The resulting appearance is a well-formed neck lift that can give definition to the throat and chin. Both women and men can benefit from these procedures, especially as the body ages.

Preparing for Surgery

Depending on your situation, you’ll have a neck lift consultation several days or weeks before the actual surgery. Your doctor will give you instructions on the items that cannot be taken prior to the procedure, such as: NSAID medications, including Tylenol and Advil, Alcohol and / or Tobacco. Patients who follow these instructions prior to their surgery will see a much more comfortable recovery. All of these items interfere with the healing process after a chin tuck procedure.

Your doctor may give you more instructions, such as no food or water after midnight on the day of the surgery. This basic request reduces complications during the neck lift.

During the Chin Tuck Procedure

Either local or general anesthesia is used during a neck lift. Discuss your concerns with the doctor before the big day. General anesthesia is only used when it’s requested by the patient because of anxiety issues. In most cases, local anesthesia is the most common choice.

Patients should expect the procedure to last about two or three hours. They’ll essentially be put to sleep, and the procedure will be quickly over without any realization. The doctors will tighten the skin, and they might remove some fat if liposuction is part of the process. You’ll end up with a youthful appearance that’s free of any major scarring.

Recovering With Ease

Don’t be alarmed at the recovery process, you may experience the following:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tightness

The tightness is the skin acclimating to the tucking process. Be aware that it might feel tight for a few months, but it will slowly flex as time goes on. The bruising and swelling are the body’s reactions to the procedure itself. With a lot of rest, you should have a normal appearance after two weeks. Ideally, patients take a full, two weeks off in order to recover anyway.

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