ZO Hydrating Crème: The New Formulation That Promotes Skin Healing

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Did you hear? A special new ingredient, Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract, has been added to the ZO Hydrating Crème and we are pleased to report that it has received positive recommendations and the Seal of Acceptance™ from the National Eczema Association! This new ingredient works in the epidermis to help reduce the intensity and frequency of flare-ups, it also helps speed up the skin healing process.

Are You A Good Candidate?

You don’t have to have eczema to put this product to good use. If you’re suffering from dry skin, whether from improper skin care and excessive moisturization or dry air from the cold winter weather, you may be a good candidate for this hydrating creme.

The Benefits

  • Proven effective in treating dry skin and restoring skin barrier function
  • Calms redness of the skin
  • Helps reduce itching dry skin within just 30 minutes post-application
  • Has antibacterial properties – great for those who feel the need to itch their dry skin (scratching can introduce bacteria)
  • Continual use helps reduce the frequency of dry skin flare-ups
  • It can be used on the entire body
  • It’s an ideal all-in-one product for men who seek to achieve continous skin health maintenance
  • Helps prevent aging and hyperpigmentation through intense hydration

The Proven Results

A clinical study was conducted on subjects with eczema, and the Hydrating Crème was clinically proven to be effective on face and body in restoring hydration, reducing redness, and improving skin texture smoothness.

  • 90% saw a visible improvement in skin dryness by week 8
  • 90% saw a visible improvement in skin texture by week 8
  • 85% reported skin appeared less red by week 12
  • 87% reported a reduction in itching by week 8

Before And After

The following images show the results from a 12-week study where the subject applied the Hydrating Crème to severely dry skin.

(Images courtesy of ZO Skin Health)

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